Market Cafe

Market Cafe

I found this little hidden gem located in a gas station of all places.


It may not be the best presentation, on the metal tray, but the quality of taste makes up for all of that and some. The prices are also very reasonable as well, for this veggie platter the total is around 7$. I haven’t quite figured out their hours though. I’ve also slipped up a few times and missed their lunch completely. ●︿● This place by far my favorite Indian restaurant in RVA, or really ever to be honest.

One of my coworkers suggested this place almost a year ago, I have been a regular ever since. I thought it couldn’t be but so bad with what I was hearing about it from different coworkers, it is a also less than a mile from my job, so one day I stopped by, took one bit and I was in love. Everything was full of flavor with just the right amount of spice. The platter changes daily so it is always fun to see what you will get next visit. What always included is rice, naan, 3 different veggie side dishes, Thayir Saadam, veggie samosas, and a dessert of some kind.


I can’t put into words of how much I am in love with this place. If you ever have the chance to visit for lunch do yourself a favor and GO.

Rating: 4
Food: Very Good. This place has amazing food at an amazing price. Market Cafe is perfect for lunch and take-out.
Ambiance: Dive-y



Let’s start with the wonderful dessert only restaurant that appeared in my first post.


I was lucky enough to be able to go to this decadently delicious cafe a few weekends back. It was an experience to say the least. My partner brought me here knowing how much I enjoy sweets, and it was amazing. Looking at the menu I had a difficult time choosing between all of the incredible looking items. I finally selected the Fresh Fruit Cake and a hot coffee drink, that I can’t recall the name off, and my partner chose the Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake and the Banana Coffee Cooler (banana lover).


If you can’t tell by the photos, the slices were huge.

We could have realistically ordered 1 slice and it would have been more than enough. My drink somehow tasted exactly like the best kind of marshmallow, the burnt kind. The icing wasn’t too sweet which is something I often encounter and loathe. The cool cake was the perfect pairing to my warm marshmallow beverage,  I took the first bite of my cake and it practically melted in my mouth. Yum The chocolate cake on the other hand is everything you could hope for when you are a chocolate lover, like myself. It was rich, deep, and most importantly chocolatey. The salted caramel gave it that extra oomph that made you want to melt into your seat.

 I will definitely be returning, next time I will just remember to bring more people to share those massive cake slices with.

Rating: 3
FoodGood. This is a place with a niche. Shyndigz is perfect for a date, double date, or when you really need something sweet and a lot of it. The menu changes often so there’s always something new.
Ambiance: Casual


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