Umami is a the cutest local tea shop off of Lakeside in Richmond VA. The first time I went was a few months ago for brunch. I was overwhelmed, to say the least, with all the different variations of tea.


The staff is always super friendly and helpful. I’ve tried a few other local tea shops and nothing compares. This tea shop is wonderful for getting little gifts for friends, family, and more importanly myself.

Location: 6920-C Lakeside Avenue
Richmond, VA 23228

Rating: 3
FoodGood. Their tea is wonderful and the prices are too. They do have food here but I would skip the food and just go for the tea.
Ambiance: Casual



I have been away for quite some time. I had an Anime Convention back in September that got me distracted. After the convention, my excuse turned into me waiting on a camera to take better pictures of my scrumptious food.

Still with no camera, with the New Year come and gone,  there can be no more excuses!


Photo by Lindsey Windett

 I am back and I will be attempting to make a post at least once a week!