Lamplighter coffee warms that little hipster place in my heart.

Lamplighter is one of my favorite local coffee shops. There are two locations in the city, located on Morris St. and Addison St. If you want to relax and enjoy your coffee, the Addison street location is the only way to go. Parking is a lot less hectic, not as crowded, and open seating. Morris St. is right in the middle of VCU territory, the only justification for going here is if you want to get some people watching in, otherwise stay away.

The baristas here know how to make a very good cup of coffee and how to decorate it in a way to make you feel fancy. My favorite for the summer has to be the Thai Iced coffee, rich, strong, and just the right amount of sweet. On the cooler days I stick to the Brown Sugar Baby, light, creamy, and sweet without being too overbearing. Even though my two favorite drinks are sweet it’s presented in away that you still know you are drinking what you came there for, coffee.

This is a great quick brunch spot, their food is awesome! My favorite sandwich is the Soy Chorizo, Twin Oaks chorizo, havarti, avocado, and tomato. It’s filling, rich, and has the smallest hint of spice from the scrumptious Twin Oaks chorizo. I have a hard time getting anything else on the menu because that sandwich is just too amazing. Lamplighter also does this wonderful thing where they sell breakfast all day long. So if you are a late riser like I can occasionally be stop by!


Rating: 4
Food: Very Good. The coffee is so good! This place is perfect if you need to grab and go,  or just a place to meet up with friends and catch up over some delicious coffee.
Ambiance: Hipster


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