Breeze Bakery Cafe

Breeze Bakery Cafe


I took a day trip to this adorable little bakery located in Annandale VA. There was so much to look at. If you are a lover of sweet bread you should definitely plan a trip here, you will not regret it.


This is only a small portion of what they had to offer. I spent about an hour looking at everything. (灬ºωº灬) I don’t think even with that amount of time I was able to take everything in. At the end my partner and I ended up with a basket full of different filled buns and two bubble smoothies.


My partner got the Chai Vanilla boba drink, which was so delicious I was holding back stealing it. I got Taro which is a yummy classic. The breads were interesting, Korean style bread is very different from what Americans have, it is very sweet! We ended up sitting on the patio since it was nice out. It was nice and covered little birdies came up every now and then to try and steal a taste. The first thing I decided to devour was the fried mochi filled with red bean, amazing~! I also got a bun filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream, I wish I had another right now!

Rating: 3
FoodGood. This place is so cute! There are so many different treats here, definitely a place you need to visit a few times. 
Ambiance: Casual


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