5-Point Rating Scale

I finally have made a rating scale! I will start implementing this into my posts to give you all more of an accurate gauge of the places I share.

5 – Euphoric; a stand-out destination that should be on everyone’s list of places to go. I will often be seen making an “O” face and possibly tearing up as I savor the deliciousness.

4 – Very Good; definitely worth coming back for repeat visits and telling your friends/family.

3 – Good, but not on the heavy rotation list. This means that this restaurant is not my first choice of restaurants and will seek out other dining options.

2 – Palatable, but only if there aren’t other options. The food tasted decent, but I could have made something better at home myself.

1 – Awful; I will never eat there again.

I consider many factors in my rating including alcoholic beverages, coffee/tea, service, ambiance, and food quality/options. I evaluate the number of options on the menu, the number of options I would actually consider ordering, and the number of vegetarian/vegan options.